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Customization[edit | edit source]

With visual customization, players will have the ability to create unique liveries by adding and manipulating decals & vinyls through the World of Speed livery editor. You'll also be able to swap body kits and add other parts such as spoilers and hoods. In fact, we've tried to offer as many visual customization parts as possible so you'll also be able to changes other parts such as the headlights, wheels and much more!

It's important to note that visual customization will not affect the cars performance. We made this choice because we want players’ cars to be true expressions of themselves. We felt that if we allowed visual tuning to affect the cars performance it would limit the players creative freedom and we would have a lot of similar looking cars on the track.

In World of Speed, Performance Customization becomes much more than just upgrading the parts on your car to the highest level possible. We want players to really discover their cars; learn what they can do from stock all the way up to the fully upgraded version.

Remember that teamwork is a very big part of how you'll race in World of Speed. With the in-race objective system every team member should settle into a specific role on the track. .Some players may want to be the ones responsible for building up the drift points whereas other player may want to be the one protecting their teammate in leading the race. The role each player chooses to fill on their team will greatly influence how they customize their car performance and what parts they will install.

By playing the game you unlock and have the ability to install specific parts to the car such as engines, suspensions, tires, nitrous and more. The installation progression is non-linear. You are free to choose which parts you apply to the car first! Some bring not only bonuses, but specific penalties as well! If you want to have a more powerful engine be prepared to see a significant increase in the weight of the car. Each part will have a different effect on the cars' performance so you must choose wisely and really think about what type of driver you are and what role you'll take on for the team!

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